What is Sadhana?

Sadhana simply means "spiritual practice". We come together, we meditate, we chant mantras, we do the exercises, we regulate our breath, and we meet in-group consciousness because it helps each of us. It is a practice that resets our cycles and patterns to the rhythm of our ultimate destiny. There is no charge to attend - this is your gift to yourself. 

Sadhana means daily spiritual practice. Sadhana is a self-discipline that allows one to express the infinite within one's self. Sadhana is a discipline of the mind and body to serve the soul. Sadhana keeps the mind clear to accurately guide our actions.

Sadhana begins with Japji (sacred prayers)

at 5:00 am

5:30 am - start of Tuning in ONG NAMO

Yoga Kriya


6:30 am Aquarian Chants

Long time Sun

Sat Nam's

2 1/2 hours